Sunday, August 03, 2008

New LSA SportStar Available Now

Well, it's been about 6 weeks since we took delivery of N185EV the first Evektor SportStar Plus for We Share Airplanes. 

And it has been BUSY on the flight line with AcuWings of Renton. We've seen almost 75 hours fly by in that 6 weeks as lots of folks wanted to give it a try. It's also turning out to be a favorite for training with it's low cost per hour and high fun factor. Give AcuWings a call at 425-254-9464 to schedule an intro flight if you haven't tried it yet.

Following the Arlington Airshow last month, where lots of folks stopped by to talk about the SportStar in particular and Light Sport Airplanes in general, we have the good news of yet another SportStar being available to bring to the Seattle area!

This little red and white beauty, N923LA is available for outright purchase or better yet, shared ownership among interested folks. 

While Renton (KRNT) is the logical location for We Share Airplanes to place this plane, we're willing to locate it anywhere in the Seattle region where the right owner(s) can be coordinated. 

These planes are as affordable to own as they are fun to fly. Aimed squarely at the Sport Pilot market with its simplified licensing requirements, the SportStar is also a great plane for private pilots who want a great cruiser for two. Private pilots with lapsed medicals should also explore the Sport Pilot regulations as a great way to get flying again. 

A group of 4 folks could buy into N923LA with its GPS and great radio configuration for about $30k each plus low monthly fixed costs depending on where it's located. Given that she only has about 100 hours on her currently, you'd be buying a brand new airplane by nearly any count.

E-mail us at for details.

Happy flying!