Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flight to Big Bear, California in a Cessna 172S

Here are a couple of shots from a recent flight up to Big Bear.  

The runway is at the far end of the lake and those brown streaks on the mountain are the ski slopes just a week before their first snow. 

Sorry about the dirty windshield from N2126F!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hawaii Air Small Style

Topped off a quick get away to Hawaii with a sunset flight around Oahu and Moelkai. Hired an instructor and rented a Diamond DA40 airplane, then set out for instruction in local VFR flying over Diamond Head and culminating in a loop around Molekai island at just 1,000 foot off the water. Beautiful.
Landed back at Honolulu after cruising by the Waikiki coast, caught a ride to the main terminal, and then jumped aboard a jumbo jet for the red-eye back to LaLa Land. See pics here.