Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Always Have A Choice

Everything we do boils down to the choices we make, including whether or not we choose to accept our own success. 

It will always be easier to point out circumstances that seem to leave us with "no choice".  To do so though is simply wrong as there is always a choice to make. 

Granted, sometimes the options in front of us are not ones we wish to choose from.  However, they are choices and therefore we have some form of control over how we deal with every situation, even if our first instinct screams otherwise. 

Believing in choice and recognizing the inherent power we have when we exercise our own personal choice, is the cornerstone building block for claiming and accepting our own success. 

Think of the word ACCEPT as a personal reminder that there is always a choice if we but consider: communication, education, persistence, and thrift in our quest to accept success.

It is our choice.

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