Thursday, August 02, 2012

Communications As A Success Key

I believe the secret to success lies in choosing to accept success and that the word ACCEPT itself holds a key to unlocking the power of our personal choice, by reminding us to always consider communication, education, persistence, and thrift in our quest for success. 

The importance of Communication.

The dictionary defines the word communication as the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior.  In the real world, it has been shown that a person's ability to communicate clearly and consistently in business and personal relationships, will determine how far that person goes in his or her quest for success, far more accurately than nearly any other factor.  
Yes, communication is truly a key to our success.  Communication also happens to be such a common, daily function, that most of us do not give it another thought until we become aware of real communication troubles, and then we tend to blame the other party!

From the time we were  babies we learned how to express our needs and wants and thus began our initial understanding of communication.  However, the art of communication, goes much beyond simply expressing our own wants and needs, as it is properly, a two-way exchange of thoughts, messages, and information using a wide variety of delivery methods.

The good news is that communication is truly a skill, and skills can be learned and improved upon.  As such, the process of preparing, practicing, and reviewing the results of our communications, is a winning combination for quickly building our skills anew.  Just remember that as with so many other skill exercises, you are never really done practicing.

Accept your success; always consider communications, education, persistence and thrift.

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