Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Mr. Johnson Goes to Washington"

The above headline caught my eye in the Wall Street Journal this weekend ( and so I took a good look.  It was such an interesting read, it led me to research Johnson a bit and that got me thinking; we need more folks like him to help us up.

Senator Ron Johnson - Wisconsin

A successful business owner (he started a plastics manufacturing business at age 24 with his brother-in-law), Johnson points out that the 2010 USA Senate (a body of just 100 members meant to represent all of us) was comprised of 57 lawyers but not one single manufacturer.  He ran for office and won on the choice of either "growing government and debt" or "growing the private sector and creating long-term self-sustaining jobs."

What's he learned?  "If you're going to compete against an organization, Congress would be the perfect one to compete against. ... They're all silo-ed. ... A bunch of cats that don't play well in the same box."

What's his advice?  "The government isn't here to solve our problems.  We need government.  It's necessary.  But by and large, it's something to fear because as it grows, our freedoms recede.  And as a result, way to many are trading their freedoms...for a false sense of economic security."

Enough for now.  A future post will discuss one of his core presentations.  In the meantime, you can find it at   It's chock full of solid, real tidbits of data to help us understand the full impact and scope of our current state of affairs.


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