Saturday, March 23, 2013

Needless Safety Risk In Closing Air Traffic Control Towers

My message to the politicians...


Yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to close 149 air traffic control towers beginning April 7, 2013 needs to be reversed.

Approximately 2 million people and 50,000 tons of cargo use our air traffic system each and every day.  And while roughly 40% of flights take off from about 10 key cities, what the sequester approach to closing 149 air traffic control towers, purportedly cutting overnight service in 60 other towers, and furloughing all 47k agency employees at a rate of 1 day per every 10 days worked, fails to take into account is how the air traffic control system is a tightly interwoven network whereby actions in one portion of the system ripple through the entire system resulting in potential safety and timeliness issues throughout.

The arbitrary nature of the cuts announced today, as well as those still pending, put travelers and all that associated business at risk; a risk that will prove measurable in both jobs, timeliness/productivity, and most importantly safety.

Closing the Whitehouse to tours by taxpaying citizens is a petty step as is Vice President Biden taking the train instead of flying on trips to Delaware; the impact of those cost saving examples are simply negligible versus the safety in our Nation’s skies which is being put at risk with the April 7th commencement of yesterday’s FAA announcement.

As a citizen, taxpayer, voter, business person, frequent flyer, and private pilot, I respectfully call on you and your staff to work to reverse today’s action, prevent the implementation of these closures beginning April 7 and fund the sequester needs in a manner that does not put safety and business at such risk.

Sincerely, Greg Gudorf


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